LoadMaster dedicate to solve giving first rank of regular shape cargo keep upright in truck and container, through optimizing the combination in order to maximize the space and weight avaiability.

    LoadMaster-EasyDesigner v2.8.7
    2010.5.21 released
    Main Features:
    Powerful Manual Editor
    Search cargo from hundreds of cargo types
    New loading rules added
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    LoadMaster-Enterprise v5.9.1
    2010.5.21 released
    New Featrues:
    Stuffing Products
    Give first priority to keep upright
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    LoadMaster-Network v1.0.0
    2010.4.25 released
    What's new:
    Data sharing in Internet and LAN
    Role-based authorization
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Why LoadMaster over others?
Easy to learn and use
Easy to learn and use is our consistent principle. We try our best to make the program practical and efficient. When using our program, you always know where you are and how to operate.
Powerful Manual Edit
We are proud of this function. With Manual Edit, you will be able to move cargo in or out of container, even exchange cargo between containers, some of our competitors may drag and drop cargo by mouse, but we do the best.
Adjust loading steps
Adjust loading steps when solution has been generated, and it's easy for you to modify it.
Search cargo
This function will be significant if you have saved many cargo types in database.
3D display and tree diagram of loading plan
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With LoadMaster, you will be able to…
Loading plan loads 5%-15% more, which will save you lots of money, finally the savings will become profits.
Quickly calculate how many containers are needed for proposed shipment and how many products can be put into a container.
Make quick adjustments to the quantities to fill a truck or container.
Reduce inference that caused by human factors.
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